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We are a group of ten Hyper Island students who have set up an Ideas Lab to explore and play with how we can infuse creativity with technology to increase our learnings. This is a place where we share our process and executions while playing with existing technologies.


    Press Release

    What happens when you bring together 10 Hyper Island students, 8 bright ideas, a will to produce and an aim to create?

    Enter the HyperactiveLAB, a 3 week project, that enabled these design students to experiment with their limits, giving them a platform to experiment and make mistakes.
    Here’s Holly Langford to tell us more:

    For our final project we all wanted to learn something new, by bringing ideas to life. The lab structure enabled us to look at gaps in our own skill set, pick a project and run with it. Failing quickly while creating at  top speed. To make this possible we had to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Designers are writers, project planners are coders and developers run the show.

    We’ve come up with plenty of ideas but the intern map project has been at the forefront of our minds with our placements quickly approaching. We wanted a way to see where past Hyper Island students had interned and find out about there experiences around the world. Hyper Island itself is a huge network of students with alumni around the world and we wanted to make the most of it.

    We truly believe this project has legs, and hope it will encourage agencies to offer students Internships that are fulfilling and hopefully over time we will be able to add value to, as well as ease the drama and stress of finding an internship!

    The intern map was also a good example how the lab allowed everyone to get involved in a purely development task. Through our very own ‘test tube talks’ Ali taught the group the basics of coding and where to get started. We then took different tasks to help build the website learnt for ourselves, giving us all a real hands on experience of not just thinking, or designing, but building from scratch (as well as helping Ali out along the way!)

    The map is just one of may ideas coming to life in the lab. We’ve also been exploring a whole host of ideas from augmented reality to info graphics, we’ve documented our success and failures in daily updates to our blog site.

    On the blog you can view all the action, as it happens, everyday. When coders learn to manage and designers get serious and write, who knows what the concoction will be? Will we go out with a bang or evaporate into thin air? Head over to http://hyperactivelab.tumblr.com/ to find out!

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    Hyper Island IMDM infographic

    Hyper Island IMDM infographic

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    Intern Map Final Designs

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    Facesmash walk through.

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    AR & 3D Modeling Experiment from Hyper Active Lab on Vimeo.

    An experiment using 3d modeling, augmented reality and a tshirt marker. Built using Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Flash CS5, Google Sketch Up & Adobe Premier Pro CS5.

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    A tour around the hyperactiveLAB studio. We’re all pretty busy… 

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    Silent Disco + Augmented Reality = AR Rave

    Before entering the installation people would be given a special jump suit with AR markers printed onto it to wear. They would also be given a pair of augmented reality glasses. This technology already exists, the Wrap 920AR glasses from Vuzix use two LCD video displays connected to video cameras that sit outside the glasses in front of the eyes. The screens show each eye a slightly different view of the world, mimicking natural human vision, which allows for depth perception. Accelerometers, gyro sensors, and magnetometers track the direction in which the wearer is looking. The glasses also come with ports that let users plug it into an iPhone for portable power and controls, such as loading a particular AR object or environment. 

    When entering the installation, the user will become involved in a highly immersive experience. When they look at one of the AR markers placed around the installation or on the jumpsuits people are wearing, an AR animation will be generated and overlaid onto their view of the real world.

    This use of technology to create a highly engaging and surreal environment would be an amazing way to enhance an interactive experience. With silent discos a popular addition at many festivals, this could be seen as the next step in mixing entertainment with technology. As the application of augmented reality develops, more advanced hardware will make it easier and more efficient. Within the next decade AR contacts will be a reality, allowing people to make augmented reality an everyday part of their lives.

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    Test Tube Talk - Typography

    Holly did a talk about typography simple tips and how if transfers to the web. At the end there are some simple type tips on adobe illustrator. 

    Open publication - Free publishing - More talk

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    Creating a 3d Augmented Reality object for our t-shirt AR marker based on The Hyper Active Lab Branding.

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    Take Me I’m Yours Production stills

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    Still from Take Me I’m Yours

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